Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A nice long day in the studio working on some additional pieces has meant time has just flown by and we are rapidly approaching the Lost Impossimals launch date. To coincide with this I'm starting to change how my social media side operates.

After experimenting with the Facebook timeline I'm changing how the blog is socially encountered. I noticed that because it's posted nearly twice everyday, once from Blogger and once by a repeat tweet from Twitter the new fangled Facebook starts to filter out every second post for most people. Even doing something as simple as posting a photo in the morning can trigger any new entries, including the blog to be placed at the bottom of the interest pile in the newsfeed effectively burying it. Time for a de-clutter I think!

To combat all this and to streamline my Facebook timeline the blog will carry on it's daily updates only now it will be posted at it's original location unless the blog entry carries information that needs to get further, such as appearance dates, releases etc. Then it will appear on my Facebook timeline. So that should tidy that up, don't forget you can visit the blog anytime and it will always have more to read than what is on my Facebook page. I'm also disabling the cross posting from Twitter too, nobody wants to see the same thing twice.

So a bit of a tidy up all round, if I get time I will see if I can integrate my RSS newsfeed into my website and maybe add Echo which will really turn the website into a real interactive service.

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