Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's a pretty random day for me today so I thought I would update you on the latest supermarket games you can join in with. Supermarket scrabble though, the popular spice based word game, seems to have run it's course. Words are being repeated and many spice racks are now regularly policed for naughtiness, even the packaging is starting to change. It seems though that has only upped the stakes and now everything is to play for with double points and triple word scores for the more creative entries.
Take greeting cards for instance, you can guarantee as soon as a letter appears on anything it's going to be open season and I'm sure this is not the first time this has been done but I bet you can score some pretty impressive words.
The strange thing is though is the fact it's crossed over to magazines which you would have thought been immune from this. Not so, this is one of the less rude displays of magazine munificence... Mmm, Reptile Lust...
Back to reality and a valiant attempt at the local garden centre with a floral boobies display, obviously one for Alan Titchmarsh. Things like this are so unexpected too amongst the petunias and bird feeders. How rude dear!
Probably with hindsight it would have been best to stick just to names... people are so childish. Titter ye not.
Sometimes they just bring it on themselves though, fancy some of Iceland's pre-packed premium bottom? Didn't think so.
But for absolute class it's the spell checker failure that brings the most titters producing quite a unique selling point, apparently it also comes with eight cans of lager and a traffic cone.

Right, now I have got that out of my system today I'm back in the studio for another session and to maybe rearrange my paints into a vaguely amusing word, now what can I spell with turps, red, umber, magenta, prussian blue and slate grey?

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