Friday, March 23, 2012

Setting The Scene

One of the bonuses of modelling the Impossimals in plasticine is the versatility regarding camera angles although sometimes it can still be tricky. In this piece I wanted the impression of hearts floating down on a couple below. My first model looked ok'ish, I had even used garden canes to raise the height of the hearts a little and to cast shadows in the right place.
 But after taking this photo it looked kind of static, it needed more movement in general and I think that could be added with more height.
So using bigger sticks and weights I managed to get the biggest heart around two foot off the ground and to cast a large shadow to one side.
Taking a photo from above it all looked a lot better, but as a painting it still lacked a sense of proportion and balance.
After a bit of adjustment with the lights, a tightening up of the hearts and a slightly more intimate camera angle it all looked a whole lot better, balanced with the two Impossimals taking centre stage.

Don't forget this weekend we are back on the road with appearances on Saturday 24th March at Castle Galleries, Reading between 1-4pm and again on Sunday 25th March at The Original Art Shop at the Trentham retail village, Stoke-on-Trent between 12-3pm.

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