Thursday, March 01, 2012

White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits.

It's the first of March and according to folklore the best time to say white rabbit three times, although I think Mr Retriever has gotten it a little wrong. What do you think Mr Putty Tat?
 I think it's swell and deserves a big grin but ask my friend and Kit-ternet nerd Mr Whiskers Von Purr.
 Sorry, can't talk, busy, busy, busy. On the Kit-ternet nobody knows your a cat. Did you know the Kit-ternet is just a load of tubes filled with cats? No? And, and, and, we are all cats, even you. Talk to Alkycat he'll tell you the same...
 Ahhh, yooouuure all a load of wwwwwaaaannnnnttt moorrr beeeeeer. Burp. Whatcha doin, where am I. I'll ave eight ace and a teensy drop of rum. Naw get outa ere before I, before I, before I.... Zzzzzz.
 Lets ask Tomas the Kat Engine. Watch out disdain dog, here he comes!
Don't worry, I have found a safe place, now what's all this about white rabbits?

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