Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Disco Inferno

This was Abigail's Disco Tailed Peruvian Party Python right at the very start of it's life, primarily lumps of plasticine held together by pipe cleaners to recreate a childhood toy. You may remember them, they were plastic snakes that you held by the tail so the slightest movement of your hand made them wriggle a little. Amusing for a short time I admit but I also remember that mine was bright red with crazy markings on them and that was what I wanted my ADTPPP for short to be.
Once everything was modelled including the cheese, onions and sausages it was take out side and placed in a suitable spot in the garden to be photographed. The sun was at just the right height and as it was a cloudless day perfect for the photo shoot. I must have taken around fifty photos from different angles until I was happy with it all.
Back inside I could sketch up the photo and begin work. First job was to paint in all the grass using a long haired pointy brush and using my paint thinned down with Liquin light. It took ages but finally I could start the python. Using a bright red base with a pale and wrinkly underside I used photos of Peruvian designs to add a further splash of colour into the piece.
Paying special attention of course to things like sausages. I even had some items of party food in the studio so I could get the colour and detail just right, the smell after a few hours though was not too good, cheese it seems does not like to sit under a hot spotlight for long periods and tends to break out in a sweat. Ugh!
Still, it all looked fine in the finished piece, all the party food in place and the shiny disco balled tail cast just the right amount of sparkle out to allow this Peruvian Party Python find it's little way home again. All that was left was to write the story and I'll include that in tomorrows entry.

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