Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is That It?

It's took some doing with the extremely lousy British summer but we have our first bit of home grown produce to eat. Admittedly is not too exciting but it's the first time we have grown mini cucumbers so to be able to pick one and have it on dinner was a bit of a thrill. OK, maybe thrill was a too strong word to use but it is a good feeling none the less.

The tomatoes on the other hand look a bit small by comparison, it's probably going to be the worst season ever for growing them this year even though they are in a greenhouse and in full sun, well, it would be full sun if we ever get any. Why am I blogging about this today? No reason other than over the last few weeks we ripped out two veg beds made out of 18 railway sleepers and reassembled them in Bunnyopolis creating one gigantic bed to supply Bunnyopolis residents with fresh produce, the only problem now is getting the right things to grow in there.

Rabbits you see can be fussy (ours don't do herbs unless its parsley) and there are certain plants and veg they cannot eat. Anything from the onion family for example is not good for them. We have found, quite by accident, that our three will happily demolish lavender plants, hosters are a favourite and as for bamboo, well, they could easily give a panda a run for their money not that I recommend any of the above. So with all this in mind we have decided to stick to broccoli, cabbages, brussels, parsnip and carrots to air dry into strips and finally curly kale. The new veg bed has been made to a certain height to avoid nibbling which in the case of our three bunsters is a minimum of three and a half feet.

So all we need now is plenty of sun, at least that's what I think it's called it's been so long since I have seen it my vocabulary is suffering.

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