Friday, July 20, 2012

The DR16 Is Connected To The GH26

It did look a lot different when it arrived, no longer did it look like the garden summer house in the photo but rather more like the worlds most complex 3D jigsaw. With over 600 parts to assemble I think the estimate of two men and one day in the instructions is a little optimistic. So yesterday we were both stood in the garage wondering where to start, or indeed when to start building it.

Delivery was a different matter altogether, two delivery people arrived with one flatbed lorry, our load was at the bottom of a very large pile of heavy wood, not the smartest way to pack a delivery that was one of the first to be off loaded so immediately they had a problem as the weight of the other loads was too heavy to be lifted by two people. After an amusing episode that I watched with slack jaw they used various objects to lever the weight off our load which cumulated in a case of four tins of tomatoes getting crushed and a close call at decapitation. Don't ask. Please, don't ask, all I can say is they were new and had not delivered these items before. Yes, they were our tins of tomatoes too.

Then comes the long task of checking everything is there and you just know that something vital is going to be missing. 1,2,3... and so it went until I had a little list of ticked boxes with marks for missing bits and extra bits. Not bad, pretty much everything there all in batches numbered 1 to 30 with each number having a .1, .2 etc to break it down further not that any of this mattered as I picked up the construction instructions.

It made me feel like this poor chap, all the instructions used a letter and number system. Doh!

So this morning I am translating part number 13.1 to SD16 and 2.5 to WG903 whilst trying to decipher the ambigious instructions, just hope I have got them the right way up otherwise we are going to get a boat instead. Hang on, what a great idea, build an ark, if today's weather is anything to go by we're going to need it!

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