Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Butter Ornaments

Strange the things you find in the garage when looking for other items. Wedged at the back, underneath an old pile of comics was this, a butter box. I have no idea why I have it, where it came from or what happened to the contents, although I don't believe I ate all forty blocks of butter. Looking back, maybe I did. A quick look around the side uncovered more mysteries, it was a box from 1975. What on earth was I doing with this back then?
 Opening it up it gave some sage advice to all butter stockists in no uncertain terms. 'Order Weekly!', 'Bring Forward Stock!' and my favourite 'Keep Away From Smells'. The thought of this last one turns my stomach, was it really that easy to flavour butter?? Mmm, smokey bacon or maybe stand it next to the cleaning products to give your butter that nice clinical Demestos bleach taste.
I'm really not sure what is worse, the box or it's contents, a hideous collection of disgruntled Christmas ornaments. After emptying its worrying contents I did eventually find what I was looking for.
It was this, a large glass ball that I remembered I had that I needed for a spot of painting. I also found a JD whisky glass strangely full of pink. Now that must have been a night to remember. Carefully stuffing the ornaments back in using a claw hammer I resealed the ancient butter box and retreated from the darkest corner of the garage taking my new possessions with me.

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