Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterdays uncharacteristic warm weather bought out the bunny in Bunnyopolis. Sensing Spring around the corner Aaran, Jura and Iona spent the day flinging themselves around the garden in preparation. We also noticed that they had started to moult in readiness too, which should help Iona's expanding waistline due to the fact she will eat anything, and I really do mean anything. You come to that conclusion when you find her licking the dust off the bottom of the food bowl.
Bringing out the bunny does have it's issues though, Jura decided to carry on with her excavations started around September last year. We thought we had carefully filled it in and even included a brick in there to deter diggers but out it came as power bunny ploughed into it. Still, it's nice to see them living their natural life and she had such a look of intense concentration it would be unfair to stop her fun.

Plans are in place to add another addition to Bunnyopolis, in the center of the grassed area I'm designing a small structure, basically a raised platform with roof and a sloped approach that turns ninety degrees. Probably not the easiest thing to describe but hopefully once built it should provide interest, shade and a new element to explore, a sort of bunny castle I suppose, just need to make them small bits of armour, lances, wooden swords, minature horses... only kidding!

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