Thursday, March 15, 2012


Bunnyopolis has come under attack. Three bunnies with oodles to do, toys to destroy, telephone directories to rip have decided that collectively they want to chew everything they can lay their hands on. A natural instinct and it's good for their teeth I know but boy can they chew. This is the side of Bunnyopolis where every corner has been chamfered to a height of two feet, follow this around the garden an there are no corners left to be seen. Take this morning for example.
Jura walked straight passed the wooden toys, footballs, pretend carrots, plastic bottles filled with stuff and other assorted boredom breakers and went straight for the wood.
 Here she is in full swing, we added these to the mix to try and help, which they do as you can see here, but with three strong willed bunnies whilst one does this...
 Aaran is doing this, whittling away a fence post, meanwhile...
...Iona is going for the most obscure piece of wood, the leg of a small plinth in Bunnyopolis and grinding it down from the inside. To do this she has to turn upside down. Silly bunny.
Bunnies will be bunnies, so we decided to bring in a massive assortment of stuff to act as diversions. But even then they can still be picky. Take this carrot tree for instance, initial reaction was 'great, what do we do with it?' then overnight they plucked off all the carrots and left the parsnip coloured ones alone. Not been touched since. Even funnier was the Thompson and Local directory that we put down for them to shred. Again it was ignored until a few nights ago when we went in and two corners of pages had been ripped out and left, one was the index for, weirdly, abattoirs and the other was vets, seriously. What were the chances of that happening? There must be like 300 pages and they choose these two to tear out.

But then you turn around and see sights like this, Aaran, Jura and Iona, three happy bunnies doing bunny things, wood can be replaced and I'd have it no other way.

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