Thursday, March 08, 2012

Demis Roussos

Cocktail sausages and the aroma of them filled the studio today as I constructed part of Abigail's Disco Tailed Peruvian Party Python environment. It's all well and good watching what you eat but leaning over half a dozen bite sized portions is still difficult and resisting the urge to sample one or two was very tempting indeed, even more so when they sat leaning against the cheese and pineapple sticks. I know the sausage above looks a little odd but it's just the base coat, further coats will apply a glaze to make it look fatty and tasty.

Once the scene was constructed the whole environment was taken outside and placed in the grass to add to the realism, the sun, or lack of it added to the look and once everything was positioned I snapped away with the camera for the right look. The python itself was constructed as usual out of plasticine and needed several matchstick supports to hold it together, especially as it's linked rather dubiously using pipe cleaners. It did loose a few links along the way as I realised I was going to need a fifty inch long canvas only nine inches high, scaling it back to a more manageable thirty eight inches looked better anyway.
Whilst rummaging in the grass I came across this little chap inspecting my python. I haven't the foggiest where he has come from or where indeed he was heading, anything remotely watery is a fair hop away, maybe he was just a little lost or fancied a sausage, we will never know because as quick as he came he disappeared when I turned my back, very mysterious. Gathering up all my things I returned indoors to the heady smell of cheese and pineapple. Maybe just one sausage after all. Nom, nom, nom.

Did I say one? Oh well, I must have misheard myself, I could have sworn I said finish them off.

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