Friday, March 09, 2012

Mowing Down

 It's about this time of the year that the bigger powertools come out to play, with grass to cut, strimming to strim and hedges to trim. Some of the more beefier tools are prone to peculiarities though. The petrol strimmer for instance requires me to memorise a six sequence startup comprising of two switches, a bulb pump, a two stage throttle and a twin grip, all this so I can whip a few bits of grass into shape occasionally. Once started this beast becomes uncontrollable, the sheer power of the head makes it sway at speed and you find heads of flowers scattered everywhere you walk as it dips and takes bites out of everything around. Apparently I can get an attachment that would allow me to cut hedges which sounds fun but from past experience I can imagine I could inflict some wondrous injuries upon myself.

It was only in 2007 when I stepped in a small hole and nearly broke my ankle, in 2008 I managed to narrowly miss cutting the power cable with the powersaw and only last year building Bunnyopolis I managed to accumulate  so many scuffs and cuts on my arms and hands I looked liked I'd tumbled out of a tree and hit every branch on the way down. I even fell head first off the deck and into Bunnyopolis one night giving me such a deep cut in my leg that I still have the scar is still visable today.
 Anyway, injuries aside now the days are getting lighter and slightly dare I say it, warmer, the rest of the summerhouse contents get an airing. It's probably typical of most peoples garages and sheds, shelves full of paint and paintbrushes for the Easter DIY mania that engulfs the UK and sport and games equipment for the sunnier days. Looks like it needs a bit of a tidy up though, I'm sure that tin of Crown paint at the bottom has been there since 2000, come to think about it when did I buy those matchpots?

No tidying up this weekend though because on Saturday (10th) between 12-3pm we are at the wondrous Acorn Gallery in Pocklington.
 And on Sunday (11th) between 12-3pm we are here at the also wondrous Original Art Shop in Preston
So it looks like the shelves will have to stay that way for another few days at least when I'm sure I would have forgotten about them again and will act all surprised in another few weeks when I discover them still there.

Ooops, nearly forgot, the appearance at Trident Galleries in Leicester has moved, it's now a month earlier on Sunday 29th April between 12-3pm, and before I forget again, two new dates have been added, one in Glasgow and the other at Treeby & Bolton in Keswick, Cumbria. Full details on my website.

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