Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As we travel from gallery to gallery I'm amazed on the imagination that has gone into the appearances, not only from the weird and wonderful people but also the displays we have come across so far.
 We have had intricate displays like this, hundreds of playing cards stuck to the walls encircling the gallery.
Accompanied by magnifying glasses and obligatory Sherlock pipe to finish, we even had some little golden chocolate bunnies to guard them all.

Other displays have focussed on the windows, this is only a small part of it but it featured oversized cups and saucers, glass bowls, playing cards and in the centre a golden head and antlers of a deer. Wow!
Another gallery and another unique display, this time every painting had it's own unique set up, check out the Sherlock Sidewinders corner, it's got it's own mini library too!
Over large biscuits, dominoes and playing cards dominated this display which actually went a little step further inside with everyone kitted out in period costume.
 The one detail that did make me snigger though was part of the display that was just there to be discovered.
Tucked away in the sculpture cabinet was this, sample jars complete with little samples, how cool is that?

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