Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring At Bunnyopolis

This latest sunny weather has heralded changes for Bunnyopolis, we have started to remove the winter perspex glazing we installed on the run side and removed the secondary glazing on the three windows attached to the house side. It's all started to feel a little more airier already. A welcome plaque has been attached to the front door and a few new and mostly ignored toys added as boredom breakers.
At the moment though, first thing in the morning they look extremely dopey and grumpy, just take a look above. Not sure if it's their size but they can look *really* grumpy, complete with slack jowls, droopy eyes and random flopping ears. They even become more pliable, not caring if you give them a good rub or even pose them in different positions. Don't think I have ever seen more tired buns thinking about it, in a typical day they have a bit of a run about from 7am-10'ish then it's indoors for a good sleep. Around 3pm they are back out and ready for tea, followed by plenty of mooching around and chewing, be it grass, wood or anything that takes their fancy. Things really liven up at dusk though, it's a mental hour, plenty of play chasing, skipping, flipping and unusually slip sliding.

This last one took me by surprise but Iona has developed a new skill, she will run once or twice around the garden then whilst running at high speed she will flop to one side as if she has been shot. The momentum carries her forward a good couple of feet still on her side, weird, but she seems to enjoys it and can often repeat it a few times much to the puzzlement of Jura and Aaran. Must be a bunny thing, I'll try and capture it on camera along with Jura's mad moments of 180 degree flipping, another strange thing, she can flip around over and over again on the same spot. Spring it seems has sprung!

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