Thursday, March 29, 2012


The bunnies are in for a treat, although I don't think they will see it like that, they are going to have their own little jump and I plan to try and get them to show jump. Well, that's the plan anyway but it will probably turn out that I end up jumping over it more times than them.
Using offcuts of wood I eventually managed to make a simple gate, low enough to discourage wriggling under but also not too high either, they regularly jump up on the hay bale we have so this being half the height should be a doddle.
Overly I have to report they were not impressed, in fact they were so unimpressed I got the 'what the hell is this?' face from Jura. Forming a group around the gate puzzled glances were exchanged until Aaran decided to test it out.
Not by jumping over it but to test it by throwing it around and chewing it. Needless to say I expected this so had a few distraction treats ready. After putting it back the right way around I very nearly managed to entice Jura over the jump until she realised that it was just as easy to hop around it. Sheesh, this is going to be difficult. I tried to convince them that this addition is a good thing unlike these other 'additions' to play areas...
Wow, how many levels of wrong is this on? I don't know what's worse, sliding down it or looking up it, but for a mega fail they don't come any more fail than this...
Well done, you have reached level 99 of wrong, Elephant Butt Slides you can't possibly get any worse than this...
Oh my!

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