Friday, March 30, 2012


It looks like this weeks weather has bought out all the BBQ in people so let's have a look at some of the latest advancements in this popular field of cookery starting with this cool gadget, a big red gun that shoots ketchup. Not exactly sure how far it will shoot but just the fact that it exists is good enough for me.
Starting a BBQ though has it's problems, from lighter fuel to little fire lighters you could always do with a hand, this is probably the most fiercest I have seen, a veritable flame thrower akin to the Olympic torch. In fact forget the BBQ, dress up in a tracksuit draw five circles on your back and run through the streets pretending it is the Olympic one, stop occasionally to chat and every once in a while drop it and look down in horror, viola, instant 'official' torch carrier.
Tired of never getting that last sausage? Now you can fight for it, buy two and enjoy a real fight fest as you duel your way to a full tummy and play your own Hunger Games. Spear those sausages, stab that salmon, wear a mask and dance around naked shouting 'I am sausage man, I will sing you the song of my people' whilst gently prodding the food. Ahem. Sorry, lost me a bit there.
It seems even being out in the middle of nowhere bobbing around in a dingy is no barrier to a good BBQ, try the very real floating BBQ, not quite sure how you would keep up with it and occasionally I'd imagine a good wave would tip burning embers and hot fat into your lap but hey, it's barbecuing without limits and that's got to be good. Don't forget the bacon!
If it's a real BBQ you want though this goes to shop you how versatile your PC is, remove contents of case and place it on it's side for a Man-BQ. Apparently the website also shows you how to make a PC from a BBQ.
But if you want to eat as much as you want and still LOSE weight then you couldn't do any better than the Barbell Cutlery Set, pump those pounds as you eat. This extremely heavy stylish set works while you snaffle, shedding those excess calories effortlessly turning your tum into tone.

Today's blog has been bought to you by the Barbecue All Produce Service or BAPS for short, leaflets available should you wish to get your hands on our BAPS.

This weekends appearance is at Limited2Art in Bawtry between 12-3pm, see you there!

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