Tuesday, March 13, 2012

High Sniff

I think I knew yesterday morning that something was amiss. A strange tickling feeling at the back of my throat coupled with a mild ache hinted that all was not right. After a shocking nights sleep I have awoken with a full blown cold and hacking cough to match. My nose is bright red and full of snot, I have watery eyes and feel achy and sleepy.


Not the best of starts to Tuesday especially as I have such a lot to do today. Doing anything with a cold is like running through glue, mental processes become more muddled and anything a little physical feels draining. Hankies pile up, tablets are popped and the feel sorry for yourself feeling kicks in. See, even this blog entry feels miserable so lets brighten it up a little and take a look at a few new entries to the pet present hall of fame.
 Catnip bubbles! Wow, really send kitty bonkers, can you imagine the mayhem?
I'm not saying kitty in this video has tried them but imagine this ten fold, entire rooms will become shredded paper, cats will be hanging off the ceiling whilst others will be laid on their back chilling and wondering if there really is a dog. Cosmic man.
 Still, bunny teeth for dogs this Easter looks cool, not quite sure the dog thinks so. Shortly after this was taken Colin the Labrador ripped off his ears, spat out the teeth and proceeded to eat all the treat filled eggs. He was found two hours later with a treat induced high partying with the cosmic cats on the roof, he had turned his bunny ears upside down to make himself look like a four petal flower with his real ears. One of the kitties was wearing his teeth and pretending to be Tom Cruise.
Then things got really weird with Mr Whippy, a battery operated tormentor that attaches to any door handle and proceeds to 'whip' a flexible tail randomly. Pretty soon a posse of cosmic cats had attached themselves to the string for the ride of their lives as they were whipped around the furniture, bouncing off windows and ornaments whilst purring in chorus Meeeeeeoooowww Maaaaannn. The trip was halted suddenly as doped up dog Colin attached himself to the end, one particularly strong 'whip' threw Colin out of the window dragging Mr Whippy and the possy of kitties with him. They were all last seen orbiting Pluto leaving behind a rainbow trail that we originally thought was an increase in solar activity last week but turned out to be the newly named Colin Comet with Kitty Tail.

Colds are cool, either that or I have overdosed on Night Nurse.

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