Thursday, April 05, 2012

Bernie's Blog

Yawn!, with Easter just around the corner it's my turn to take over and entertain with some weird and wonderful Internet found treats that of course will be better than Brian's blog yesterday.
Lets start with some of the most inappropriate Easter bunnies EVER. Get Mr Chunky here, those glasses are so yesterday.
 Hi, I'm Roy The Racoon with a puntastic punny pun, I pop puns like a gangsta, see you later!
Scary bun, tip #1 if you plan on being an Easter bunny, don't grab children unless of course you plan to scar them for life with your hideous costume, tip #2 Don't dress up as a bunny, leave it to the professionals like this guy...
Not sure if it's the costume or the fact he is out in public dressed like this. Mum approves, kids have a 'no, dad' embarrassed look in a photo that will haunt them forever.
 Get it? A Hambulance, titter. How do pigs eat their dinner? With a knife and pork. Tee-hee!
 Seriously, is that the best you could do dad? A square head, doped up eyes and a general look of a drunken stupor? Then you go and wear a rabbit costume. Like the eyebrows, add a touch of realism I think.
AAaaarrghh!! I'm rabid rabbit, I come to eat all your children! Misguided nightmare fodder wrapped in a costume that defies explination, although she is smiling now she obviously hasn't turned around yet. But before I reveal the most hideous Easter bunny in the world a bit of light relief from our sponsor.







Told you. Taken from the album if serial killers were Easter bunnies. Possibly THE worst costume ever. Bunny last seen hopping on CCTV stealing bacon and eggs from K-Qwik-9-2 Mart on Crimestoppers Easter edition.
Bacon? Did someone say bacon?
Our final word goes to Jupiter the talking cat with answers to your burning questions.
That's me done, time for me to get my raccoon nose into the chocolate, suppose then I'll have to egg-xercise and take up hare-robics after Easter lol. Have a punderful Easter!

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