Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Brian And Bernie

Brian the bunny here again for a special Easter week Brian's blog, guest of Blogging The Impossimal. Today I have delved into my bookcase and pulled out some special treats for you, books of such unique distinction and distraction...
 Tell me about it, I tittered the first time I read it, I bet you did too. Pull that Pooh, although in this picture it looks like rabbit is struggling more with stuck Pooh judging from his straining face.
Oh, Rick! What was I thinking posing for this book? And in that jumper too, never mind Oh Rick! it's more Oh me! What do you look like!
 Bury yourself in this book and you can be sure you woodent be board. See what I did there? I'm not sure what's worse, the fact it's for pets and people or that it proudly claims that it's a book for woodworkers who want to be buried in their work. Can't imagine it's the height of fun making your own coffin, what do you do with it once it's done anyway? Prop it in a corner occasionally getting in it to see if it still fits, shutting the door and screaming let me out for fun? Still, you could include all the family and make a 'nest' of coffins or make special gifts of them to friends for Christmas and birthdays. Thought I would make you this as you are one year closer to needing one, hope it fits!
And everything else by the look of it, riding the bike and wearing a hat doesn't fit well with invisibility does it, kinda gives everything away. And whilst we are on this wavelength if you can still see his hat that means his clothes are not invisible, in other words he's naked. Riding a bike. Lets think about that for a while.
Apparently there are two follow up books, 'Fun With Invisible Dick' and 'Invisible Dick Exposed'. Still wouldn't borrow his bike though.
So that's what they do in the scouts, all those knots they get taught do come in useful after all. Pull my woggle.
I suspect that uncle Beethoven is not what he seems, he doesn't normally dress like a dandy fop and that leer creeps me out. Anyway, why am I on your knee? Eeek! That's not your conducting baton!
Thanks for that and I just thought it was me. The apple looks like the odd one out though unless apples really do poop. Or apples are tree poop, that's gross and wrong on so many levels, let's move on and learn something practical.
Just the book I have been looking for, now I can build fire tornadoes and create incendiary devices from the comfort of my own home. Seriously, how 'practical' is this, although a fire tornado barbecue would be kinda cool whilst taking off all your facial hair at the same time.
That's today's entry, how did you find it Bernie?
'Boring, very boring. I yawn in your general direction. It's my turn tomorrow and I'll show you how to blog'
Thanks Bernie, thanks for that, happy Easter and all that. :-(

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