Monday, April 23, 2012


The British weather is a strange beast, declare a hosepipe ban and we get a five days of rain, forecast a barbecue weekend and it's middling to average. Forecasts, particularly on the radio are very general at the best of times, I think my favourite one was "Sunny spells with occasional cloud, chance of rain in most places, feeling cool at times out of the sun." which more or less could be read out most days and be particularly accurate.

So, with the latest update to the Metoffice website and numerous other new ways such as phone apps and mini wifi weather stations to find out if you need a brolly you would expect things to have improved a little. To test them out I downloaded quite a few and synchronised the locations, all of them purported to use the same weather station but all were different in their prediction, some were quoting warmer temperatures whilst others were lower. One particular app quoted 88% precipitation, or rain as we like to call it, whilst another read zero for the same figure. Things it seemed were not much improved until by chance I found this...
No longer do I have to worry about the weather I just chose what I am doing for the day and it does not bore me with the details, simple!

So if I want to know if my hair will frizz today the handy Hair Frizz Risk recommends I wear a bathing cap. Skiing on the other hand is poor, probably due to lack of mountains and not being winter might have something to do with it but on the bright side Dog Walking is on the up whilst that Outdoor Concert in the back garden has now been cancelled due to a poor outlook. At least I don't have to worry about malaria with the low mosquito risk.

All it's thats missing now is an app that answers one question "Do I need a brolly in the next 24 hours?" Y/N? I'm sure it would make squillions.

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