Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have noticed a new trend appearing in supermarkets and giftware shops up and down the country, photoswapshop. Essentially you simply replace the image in photo frames with new more interesting ones to score. The more gasps you get without being offensive or too rude with your pictures the better, this one is particularly stunning.

Oh my, is that a shotgun in your hand? Probably a 7/10 picture on the weirdness scale. More of a titter than an all out lol.

Bit too strange for me, 4/10, more along the lines of WTF. I suppose there could be a special strange category though and it would score a little higher.

Oh my, this guy has got it right, slightly disturbing, risqué and funny all at the same time. Clearly a 9/10 attempt.

For sheer randomness though armed cowboys with a dancing girl in a saloon setting is a good attempt. 7.5/10 for effort but for a 10/10 you really need this...

OMG! 10/10, well played!


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