Monday, April 16, 2012

Chop, Chop

This weekends appearances ended in the picturesque Keswick in Cumbria in what seemed like the perfect day for walking. Blue skies, a little chilly but sunny and crisp clean air was the order of the day as we perused the various shops and wares on offer to visitors.

One place I was particularly keen on visiting was Keswicks excellent toy shop. Tucked away around a corner and hidden behind a kayak and canoes display is probably one of the best toy shops I have ever been in with oodles of stuff to look at and masses upon masses of jigsaws, their stock alone must run into tens of thousands of items easily.

I could spend all day in there, it's tightly packed, a nightmare to navigate if you need to pass someone down the aisles but full of the most wondrous stuff both past and present. The model plane making section alone extends a good twenty feet long and possibly eight feet high packed with everything 'Airfixy' including those little pots of enamel paint you used to get. Turning the corner you find a section dedicated to the Sylvanian Families, which for those of you that have never seen them consist of a range of cute animal collectables like rabbits and sheep, all with their own 'house' or play area to collect.

The next corner it's board games, the next it's toy cars, then wall to wall dolls, the shop just goes on and on and on. Puzzles, Lego, wooden toys, rifles, crossbows, CO2 Power pistols, knives. Yes, you did read that right, for this thriving toy shop also sells on the first floor, larger boys toys too. A bit of an eclectic mix I know and it took me by surprise too but hey, it seems to work for them, just make sure you don't get the wrong floor and buy little five year old Johnny a brand new Rambo Killer Serated Edged Weapon with Extra Killer Barbed Spikes and Rubber Grip instead of that latest Buzz Lightyear plastic ray gun.
Still, it seems that edged weapons are very popular around the area. Leaving the toy shop I was spoilt for choice with this impressive array of axes. An axe for all seasons, a chopper for every eventuality. The residents of Keswick are probably the best prepared in the country to cope with a zombie apocalypse.

So, laden with the latest triple blade multi cutting Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum axe with oak handle and toothpick, Jayne chose a more modest Pocket Chopper for her handbag, we made our way merrily through Keswick looking for that perfect accompaniment. There must be a body armour and machine gun shop somewhere around here, if not that I'd love a full sized trebuchet from the How Medieval-R-Us chain, not quite sure how to get it in the car though, do they deliver?

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