Friday, April 13, 2012


Found this excellent place recently, The Kitten Covers, classic record album covers recreated using the medium of cats. How cool! Lets start with ACAT/DCAT and Furway to Hell.
 The Kitty Hendrix Catsperience with cool retro kitties.
 The Squee Gees and Caturday Night Fever, Stayin' Alive kitten style with Jive Stalking.
Kitallica! Claw The Lightning, classic album including Trapped Under Blankets and For Whom The Catnip Tolls.
 Blondie and parallel lines, to show you how accurate these are take a look at this...
Ok, a little size difference but hey, they couldn't find six foot cats.
 Squeen II with Freddy and Brian Meow in this classic pose.
May favourite though is Kitten Floyd - Dark Side Of The Meow. Classic tracks include The Great Kit In The Sky and Any Catnip You Like.

This weekend we are back on the road with fun filled appearances at The Hawthorn Gallery on Saturday 14th and on Sunday 15th we are in Keswick, Cumbria at Treeby and Bolton, both events are between 12-3pm.

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