Friday, April 27, 2012

The Phyllis Jones Ralph Squirrel

Hidden in the centre of this weeks TV guide is another social barometer book, or 'special' presents for special people just like me and you. A quick glance through and this week it seems the double dip recession is starting to take a grip as the adverts have taken a more ominous note...
 Now, hidden amongst the soft 'noiseless' incontinence briefs and professional callous removers are things for the thrifty. Not only can you count your money scrooge style with two handy counting machines, one digital for those who know what the interwebnet is and a manual one for those that remember George Formby and Arthur Askey. Times must be really hard though, for those OAP drug deals why not buy your self a handy pocket scale. Apparently these scales never lie, even though you dealer might.

So if your an OAP and strapped for cash maybe buy a set and start your own cash4goldielookingthings or be creative and cut your vitamin pills with something more exciting. If nothing else you can always weight your false teeth before and after a meal to see if they need cleaning.
This I like. A creative way to add a bit of prestige to an item, include a name. These are all probably genuine but they seem to have gone a bit overboard this issue, I particularly like the Phyllis Ferrari bag. Not too sure about the Pat Butcher six head electric shaver or the Winston Churchill 2-way shoe stretcher.
Then I got to the back page and nearly dropped my Burt Reynolds Slipper Shoes in shock. Now you too can give your dog authentic roadkill.

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