Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

 The perspex winter coverings on Bunnyopolis have been taking a battering over the last two weeks with almost constant rain. Aaran, Jura and Iona are getting a little tired of it all and can be found often sitting wistfully on a shelf looking out of the window.
Grumpy is one word for it, even though the door is wide open for them they really do not like getting their feet wet at all, probably because their woolly feet act like little sponges and the rain annoys their ears.

Over the last few weeks though when they have been out I have been trying to get them to jump over the special gate I made. A gate which is shrinking by the day as they gnaw away at it. During these sessions we have now learnt a new form of bunny communication. Two nudges is a greeting to a friend, often delivered in quick succession, this we already knew but our new bit of information involves the bunny meaning for happy and having fun.

All of them display a slight head flick complete with floppy ears. It's only tiny but it means they are pleased. If you return the gesture (although my ears don't flop as much) they will copy it and want to play. Play essentially involves them staying quite still until you are just about to grab them upon which point the run away flicking their heads, this can be repeated four or five times until they decide they have had enough and turn to face you ready for a stroke, a final flick of my head says thank you and they return with a single tap.
Very cute and all three do the same thing, what's even more impressive is that they display these characteristics to both me and Jayne in slightly differing ways confirming that they identify us as individuals and not just the fur less giants that bring food.

You know, I might just be getting the hang of this bunny talk.

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