Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Planet Bacon

No I haven't found a new planet and yes, it does look a little like bacon. Instead after reading an article on exploding custard powder (it really does explode too!) and wanting to doing something on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday a little less dangerous I found these two things to play with.
A pocket microscope that I have had for many years and a cheap but functional digital camera. I used to use the microscope to help with colour balancing printers and monitors along with something called a Pantone spider many years ago. Strapping them together Heath Robinson style they gave me a microscope that I could record video and photograph things at a ridiculous zoom level so off I went. The first picture is actually red oil paint over white acrylic on what I thought was a smooth piece of wood, looks very tactile at x30.
 In the garden a single piece of rosemary shows all the hairs on what looks like a smooth plant. Hairs on a plant? Urgh. Still tasted nice though.
My ultra sharp inkjet printer doesn't look so sharp up close. The dots look very random in their pattern to produce this text, even the paper looks ropey.
 I suppose this is the type of things that most people go for when using a microscope. Things that make you go urg!. This is the knee joint of a spider leg. Full of hairs and stuff again. The power of this cheap little toy is immense, I'm just trying to think of a practical use for it though. Back to painting today though and more work on the Impossimals with two new ones to be started.
Hope you all had a great Easter, the blog had it's Easter break, Bunnyopolis is nice and clean with a new coat of preservative, some random fixings to chewed wood and three happy Easter bunnies who are extremely glad we didn't have any more snow. Roll on the good weather!

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