Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The new remastered Impossimals are gradually taking shape after extensive model making to make sure they are just right with massive scenes being created to get the shadows and light as accurate as possible. It's the same principle that was applied to the Losts and again I have refined the Impossimals to give a lot more emotion through not only their body shapes but also their, yet again, redefined eyes.

Once the basics are down I can then start work on the main piece. Plywood is primed and working from the model and photographs the painting is gradually built up from the background to the foreground.
You can see here that the background has received it's first coat and the general shadows and highlights are starting to go in. Next would be the eyes, then the stripes, a process that would probably take another day or so as getting the ultra fine lines and blending takes a while.
Here's one scene I built a little more closely, as you can see everything has been constructed, even down to the little bathroom scales and taps. The towel is actually kitchen roll dyed pink whilst the painted wooden panelling and skirting board is thick cardboard. The floor is covered with a thin layer of acetate to give plenty of reflections.
You can see from the detailing on the final painting that the sense of depth and clarity shows a lot more when working from a live scene. Even the reflections are more natural and I can also see the bounce back of light onto the Impossimals body to allow me to paint it more accurately. So today I will be mostly painting!

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