Monday, May 21, 2012


The studio has been a mass of models recently, some of which have been quite ambitious and involved plenty of plasticine and time to get right. This is all that remains of a scene that involved a quaint English garden complete with stone terrace and of course a Lost Impossimal.
The Squirly Tailed Pendulum Panda though required the aid of a Tesco's wine carrier which doubled up as the inside of a casement clock. The pendulum is a pipe cleaner suspending a plasticine weight and in the background of the clock, just behind the panda, is a set of modelled cogs and gears. Again, this was used to give accurate lighting and depth.
This though, the Giganticus Titanicus Atlanticus was a monster to make. It used oodles of modelling material  encasing a foil body, each tooth was cut individually and the whole body twisted to give movement. It was placed in an inky black sea, basically an oven tray filled to the brim with coloured water, and icebergs and ice cubes were cut out of the clay. The ship bottom left was supported and allowed to float with the aid of a weighted cocktail stick for support. It was about 18'' long when finished, detail was added with a felt tip pen.
My Abracacooper needed to look quite mystical so digging out a desert photo I place this behind so I had at least a backdrop to work with. Cushions, a fez and a miniature backgammon set was added to the muscled  figure and a small cartouche on the left it taken from the notes of Howard Carter and of course Tutankhamun.

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