Saturday, May 19, 2012



L-vis here, wanna be like me baby? Uh-huh, stop being a hound dog and be cool daddy-o, thank you very much.

See, you too can be as popular as Barry, just take one LP, for those of you that are not familiar with LP's they are as big as EP's and not as small as singles.

Strike a pose, let your body move to the music and vogue. Instant celeb stylee, don't you look fabuloso dahlink!

Don't get too carried away though, look what happened to me when I used one of these, hu-huh, downer baby, downer.

Also make sure you use an appropriate celeb, not so coolio now are we daddy-o, like the shorts man they look rinky-dinky-do.

You can use props to enhance your cool, just drop the gender bender, nobody likes a cross cat I thank you.

My final piece of advice is use something real, cartoons are cool but to pick up chicks, not so, take a tip from the L-vis man, swing your hips, buy some big shades, get a few sideburns and say hu-huh at least fifty times a day. once you start buying outlandish day glow all in one adult romper suits and start wearing at least five gold rings yours there baby, you are so there your jailhouse will be rocking all night.

I thank you and goodnight.

L-vis has left the building.


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