Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Piano Playing Arthritic Dinosaur Fawn

There has been some pretty weird stuff in the news recently. I'm not talking about all the doom and gloom that is dished out to us on a all too regular basis either as I'm sure that everyone has had enough of that, I'm on about stuff like this, real news, a squirrel playing a piano? Now you're talking!

Sammy it seems can bash out a few notes, admittedly not in the same order every time but he may make Britain's Got Talent yet. Imagine this, Sammy on the piano and a dancing dog, wow, what an act! I'd buy that for a dollar!
Some headlines do seem to defy logic though, this article was along the lines of if a tree falls in a wood and nobody sees it does it make a sound. Basically if you are caught short in public and nobody knows or indeed sees is it still unacceptable? I have no answer for that as I always make sure I wear my Supersoaker-triple thickness-elasticlegged-caughtshortagain-ohno underwear, works every time. Apart from the sloshing noise.
 No here's a surprise, fawns being chased have an escape plan. i.e. run like hell. Wonder how much this particular study cost? You will probably find the same discussion in any pub after heavy drinking. Escape cover or nearest refuge, pretty much what you decide at closing time.
 I had to reread this several times before I realised it had no bearing on the article. I was expecting half naked fruity text to spice up  this article on Olympic security, instead I was severely disappointed that there was no titbits of scant titillation, no naked inserts and definitely no rampant scintillating hot gossip to be had. What I did find out is that many who turned up for the day didn't expect rain and thus wore 'insufficient clothing'. Gutted.
Said Mr T-Rex Stalisaurus from the Jurassic Period. 'My arms are always killing me, it's bad enough I can't hug anything never mind the pain'. Our reporter Ne Anderthal revealed this dramatic revelation before being clubbed by his neighbour and thrown out of his two up two down cave after not paying his pebble tax.
A perigee moon, such as the one we had recently, is a wonderful thing and I thank this article for helping me to sleep at night as scientists confirm that a full moon does not cause werewolfs. I thank you Mr Scientists, now could you turn you attention to other pressing matters like sparkly vampires and Godzilla as I'm sure finding out the truth about these will also help me sleep at night.

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