Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I don't think the residents of Bunnyopolis, Aaran, Iona and Jura will be too pleased a little later today for their daily routine will be broken by a visit to the vets. Yes, it's inoculation time to make sure they are well protected from VHD and Myxomatosis over the next twelve months. We have a specially built crate to move them in, after all 80lbs of rabbit takes some shifting.
So later this morning expect some grumpiness as they are briefly taken away from the confines of the newly decorated Bunnyopolis complete with hanging baskets and made to travel in reasonable comfort in this.
Which will of course have blankets, food etc and everything else for them to ignore on the short journey whilst they plot their revenge, which rabbit style means I will ignore you and if you get in my way I will give you a little nip to show you who really is in charge.
Well, they are back after emitting a few Grumpit faces and they did rather well, they are still a bit moody but give them a couple of hours and they will be fine. I wonder when it would be best to tell them we do it all again in two weeks time?

We did get a chance to weight them as a group, it totalled 69lbs, less than our estimate but its still an impressive 23lbs each no wonder our arms ache lumbering them into the car.

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