Thursday, May 24, 2012


With just over a week away to a double bank holiday Jubilee weekend and the supermarkets are filling to bursting point with bunting, flags and assorted patriotic items. A quick glance though confirmed my suspicions, all of them have been made outside the UK, shame. As you can see we are joining in with the celebrations by getting out the union jack cushions for a nice splash of colour , the plan is to decorate Bunnyopolis too, not quite sure what the occupants will make of it though.

Still, any excuse to put up bunting, wave a flag and have a good nosh up is fine by me and this weather at the moment is also an added bonus. Yesterday I decamped to the garden and the studio followed me for a spot of painting outdoors. Better light, a nice warm breeze and three bunnies lolling around on the lawn made for a nice day, if only all days were like this during the summer.
Halfway through yesterday though Aaran was decidedly too hot and decamped to a bit of shade underneath their new 'naughty step', looks grumpy doesn't he?

The blog has been neglected again for a day or so because I am so busy, plenty of writing and background work to do at the moment working around the tour has meant it's been at the end of my priorities for a while until I catch up with my backlog.

A couple of things have sparked my interest recently though, none as much as the weird announcement that the Queens knickers were on eBay for sale. I know times are hard...

Listed as an “item that has been previously used” does not place it in good light, it gets worse when it goes on to describe 'some yellowing with age'. :(  Still it does cheerfully goes on to describe it as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire and own a piece of collectable Royal memorabilia.” For those that are still reading and not gagging at this stage the 'soiled' item in question eventually went for £11,390 to an unknown bidder. The mind boggles on what use they will put them too, I wonder if it's the same bidder that bought Queen Victoria's knickers in an earlier auction?

Can you really believe I have just blogged about the Queens knickers?

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