Thursday, May 31, 2012

Modelling Models

Unable to fit a full sized horse, tiger and pelican in the studio I decided to do the next best thing and get some models to work with. Admittedly they look rather normal at this stage but with a bit of makeup...
A plasticine work over changed a normal stallion type thing into the Crystal Tipped Unicone. The tail had to be inverted, as on the model it was between the legs so to cope with that I heightened the rump too and then made little ice cream swirls for it's mane. Finally the head was remoulded and the cones added. The side of the mountain to the left is a yoghurt pot, the rest is all plasticine. It was really all for the shadows on this one, trying to paint them any other way would have been so difficult. The colour was changed during the painting to a dappled white, basically to blend in with it's environment, after all for a beast that only appears every ten years it needed to be well camouflaged.
But the modelling went to a whole new level with Pompidoos French Fancy Filly, basically a tall boy with a head and open drawers. Even the paving slabs and stone work behind was carefully created and measured for accuracy. Matchstick strengthening helped the support due to its ability to easily overbalance and little items of clothing were cut out of an old cloth and scattered in for effect. Both were time consuming to do taking two days to complete and oodles of more time to paint them.

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