Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Fly The Flag

In the cold light of day deciding to hold a Jubilee party for the entire street unannounced during a 4am merry imbibing session seemed a little foolhardy, after all with only 36 hours to go would anybody come? So much to sort out too; invites, drink, food, decoration, tables, chairs, music and of course to top it all the weather.

Six hours later things didn't look good. The weather was shocking for the official street party day, even the Queen looked a bit damp on her barge after four hours in the drizzle and we could only hope that it would clear up for our impromptu one pencilled in for the 4th with a 4pm start.
Miraculously we managed it with a little help from our friends, the garden looked generally Jubilee, invites were sent, food prepared and beer and Pimms chilled, even the sun decided to pop out in time to bring a lovely afternoon glow to the proceedings.
So by 4:30pm things were starting to roll, neighbours both old and new came along, old school friends too, each bringing something different to the party. Then it got even better, a neighbouring party had hired a live band to play so we were treated to a great and free concert too, what a jubilating way to Jubilee!
I hope you all had a great Jubilee break, I'm off to deflate my balloons, un-twirl the bunting, fold up the flags and start the first stage of the big Jubilee tidy up.

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