Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bunnyopolis Phase Three

Although the veg and herb garden has started to show signs of life it's still not been particularly good for growing much at all. The weather, as usual, remains unsettled so as a bit of an upgrade to help them along we have decided to start Bunnyopolis phase three earlier than planned. Initially we were going to do this after the growing season as it involves deconstructing two veg beds and combining them into one mega bed inside of Bunnyopolis.

Each one is made from made from nine untreated railway sleepers that are extremely bulky (1.8m) and very heavy to lift, their new position is on a slope so also needs extensive work to get level. Plenty of earth shifting to begin with, then cementing of blocks to create a level foundation followed by moving the sleepers and using bolts and assorted treated wood to secure them in place.

As you can see, upon being told Iona was only half interested, that half being access to fresh food.

So we have began, it's going to take some weeks to complete as we need to dismantle the sleepers carefully and rebuild them whilst bunny proofing at the same time especially as they could easily make convenient steps for the residents of Bunnyopolis to make a dramatic, if what simple escape attempt.

First sleeper in place, cemented in, just a twenty four hour wait and I can start to build the foundations on which to lay and secure the other railway sleepers. Can't be as bad as building Bunnyopolis can it?


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