Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dream Toilet Griddles With Eggs

Oh my, just when I thought that I had seen the ultimate toilet seat cover with the kitten covered one a few weeks ago I find this. I don't know if it's the hat, the jaunty shorts or the total twee effect that would make me barf first. Still, if you have one of these I bet it looks great with the musical ballerina toilet roll stand and loo brush. I do think they have missed a trick by not providing a toilet mat that looks like his feet, now that would be cool.
Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view I have yet to meet somebody who wears attire like this, certainly take away food shirts are the way forward and I wholeheartedly recommend wearing one to your next job interview. Who could not be wowed with your confidence to wear such snappily dressed cutting edge fashion. Now if it had pizzas on it I'd have two in a snap.

Probably not quite accurate but I like their enthusiasm to use all capital letters for their product. Can't help feeling as a kid you may not be getting accurate information across from this.

Dad! Look what I found, it's a Dog!

No son, that is an Ostrich, now take off the lead, put down the bone and let it go.

Dad! Look what I found, it's a Pig!

No son, that's a tig... Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! Rrrrrrrippp! No, no, nooooooo! Gurgle.

Now this I like, wake up on the tasty side of the bed with the griddle equivelent of the Teasmaid. Pure genius, imagine waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon, get that early morning munchies over from the comfort of your own bed. Just be carefull when you wake up a bit dopey and try to reach to switch the alarm off, on the plus side those 3rd degree burns would wake you in a snap. Look carefully, ever detail is there, a nightlight feature and a snooze button that preheats your muffins so to speak.
You really can't beat the Japanese though for pure inventiveness, why use an egg when you can use a sausegg? No more pesky egg shaped eggs to contend with which are so eggy and SO yesterday, get the cutting egg-dge Sausegg and banish all your egg based woes in an instant. Also available butter in the shape of a dog - the Dogbutt and a new range of Cat shaped marangues, the Catamarangues.
In our continuing series of inappropriate toys and items and can't help feeling a little uncomfortable with this. Go on, feel it, you know you want too. Urgh.
But for a whopper topper stopper of a doorbell guaranteed to deter ALL doorstop callers try this. Just don't press it too hard... Seriously, why? Or maybe your thinking, why not? Either way an ass a day keeps the callers away I suppose.

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