Friday, May 04, 2012


Yesterday I spent the best part of the day sculpting all manner of Impossimals and shapes, carefully assembling each one and decorating it appropriately before placing in position ready to photograph. Some of the models though required a bit more of a different approach.
Take the Knitted Growler for example. I wanted a pork pie pig but found the use of plasticine to create a realistic body too much of a constraint so went out and bought an appropriate sized pie instead. Unwrapping the prop I knew that the smell would get a little annoying but at this stage all was well. The pork pie was fresh and the plasticine was attached using matchsticks, surrounding my growler was an assortment of onions, a little cheese and pickle with a dab of mustard on the side all adding to the aroma. The last addition was sticks of celery behind to act as a forest setting and to match the story. The downside though was I needed this to survive three days at least, refrigerating overnight to maintain it's crispness.
In reality it only lasted two days before the overpowering smell of the combined ingredients filled the studio. The celery forest had only lasted a day which was disappointing but at least I had some photos to work from. It all made rather a mess to the plasticine, I threw away the worst and reclaimed what I could of the rest.
But as you can see I did manage to get some good shots in before it all wilted including a little top shine off the pie and pickle.

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