Thursday, May 10, 2012


 Following on from the last post and the Knitted Growler here's the final stages of another Impossimal piece, 'One at a Time Please'. I think I have said before about this one, I pretty much made a bathroom scene out of anything I could find, that includes a plasticine sink and taps, bath tub, paper blinds and a dyed tissue to double as a miniature towel. I even made a cardboard skirting board and cladding to add a splash of colour in the background. Most importantly though was the tiled floor and their reflections, it's this that would allow a sense of depth. It's made very simply out of a printed grid covered in acetate.
The final photograph mad it look rather charming apart from the fact that my modelling skills had let me down on the roundness of the body a little. The bath being in shadow and the reflections looked great though so I set too and started it.
It's about this stage you realise that getting all that detail in no matter how small is going to take a while. The background was roughly painted in first to get a sense of proportion.
It was the glazing though that really helped this piece and give it it's depth. With careful experimentation I applied layer after layer of glazes starting with a pink on the left and moving through purple and eventually to blue on the right to get the drop off of light. The intensity of the black tiles increased the closer they got to the  front and the reflections were added using a dry brush technique further adding depth. Not too bad, the whole piece took around two weeks with drying time.

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