Thursday, July 12, 2012


Things have been rather busy of late, so busy that the blog has suffered yet again, it always seems to be the first to go although being on the O2 network hasn't helped. Anyway, it's allowed me to plow on with things Impossimal and get ready two sets of paintings. One for this year and the second for early next year giving me a little more time to work on other Impossimal related projects and to have enough time to make things like this for a weekend get together.

Battleshots, a great party game that takes over from where battleships finish. Basically it's the same game only with cardboard battleships loaded with shot glasses, which in our case was filled with wine to avoid collateral damage from unsteady players. It's exactly the same rules apart from when an opponent scores a direct hit you let off your party popper with a satisfying explosion and down your shot glass. First person to sink all the opponents ships win, simple but effective entertainment. It was either this or beer pong but after looking at the Battleshot boards online this looked more fun than a few paper cups filled with beer.

An amusing diversion but this week it's back to the business of painting and moving the studio out of the house and into a new location. Currently the studio is housed in what should have been our dining room but I think after nine years it's time for a move, hence all the work in and around Bunnyopolis of late. It was due, the studio has been split between painting, sculpting, designing and animating when really it needed dedicated areas for all these things to be done properly. So that's the next project for July and August, moving the studio, just hope the rain stops long enough to do it!

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