Thursday, July 05, 2012


I'm not sure if I always get on with garden centres being the odd places they can be. Take yesterday for example, we have been looking for a new addition in the garden, nothing too fancy just a little place to sit on a in a little used corner from where Bunnyopolis's new veg bed came from when we stumbled upon a garden centre promising the earth outdoor building wise.

True enough it had plenty to choose from, which was nice, but it had an odd feeling thought the place, the feeling of a wet flannel. Every visitor shuffled around as if they didn't want to be there but it was a place they thought they ought to go to because it would be nice. Couples, normally in their fifties and sixties, lifted up pots, tutted and placed them back down only to repeat this several times, others walked in groups having been shipped in en mass to aimlessly gaze into a middle distance at everything they looked at.

Even the staff looked strangely subdued and for a minute I wondered if we had stumbled across a garden centre that had received some strange pod like plants replicating an invasion of the bodysnatchers incident. I was tempted to poke a few people as I passed to test my theory but Jayne made me put the stick down and we strolled on.

No doubt visit the garden centre at the weekend and it's a different matter, buzzing with people aimlessly wandering through mountains of sweet peas and begonias accompanied by children pushing mini trolleys full of sunflowers. You get the picture, same situation just a generation downshift, you see, garden centres really are not my thing but then again neither is this...

Looking for something new to eat I came across a site promising wonderful recipies, Chicken Voila sounded nice I thought, then I saw the picture and realised that "Chicken... Voila!" was something the cat would say after doing a lot of yacking and leaving you a present on the carpet.



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