Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Strange things are afoot in Bunnyopolis this morning, it's gone all Olympic. All I can think of is the Olympic torch passing last week has worked its magic. Jayne opened Bunnyopolis door this morning and out trooped Aaran, Jura and Iona, in order, they did their customary nudges to say hello and bounced up the garden. Moments later they were back, in order again and they ran in the shed side, then through the cat flap in perfect unison to the run, then out again through the run door and back in the shed door completing an anti clockwise circuit. Then carried on doing the same thing again and again. Strange.


I know that bunnies run around the one they love in circles but this was different. The only thing that comes to mind was a book I read a while ago about hares, in the book a farmer explained that he watched as five hares came out of a hedge only feet in front of him and proceeded to run in perfect circles for a few minutes before again forming into a line and disappearing back into the hedge. Unexplained but I would love to know what it all meant.


Anyway, shortly after this Aaran was to be found all Olympian like on top of the podium, his bottom eeriely hanging off the edge in some random bunny balancing act as you can see from the above photo.

A few minutes later he was joined by Jura who assumed the podium postion two, although Aaran had now turned around and threw his bottom off the other side...

Last but not least came Iona, a bit reluctant to be third place so she just settled on chewing the podium to bits which is not very sportsman like at all. We shall see what happens, you never know by this afternoon with all the rain they may have learned to swim too!

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