Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For the first time in the last ten years I'm sat in a dedicated studio to work rather than the dining room and it feels... different. For a start I can make as much mess as possible, I don't run the risk of transferring paint to household furniture and I have enough space to add in a few book shelves and extra storage. I even have a better view of Bunnyopolis to see Aaran, Jura and Iona cavorting around to help battle the solitary environment most artists work in when creating. Previously the Impossimals had taken over four rooms around our house making it difficult to avoid them when trying to switch off at the end of a day so this was long overdue.

So today is my first day in the new studio, with a long list of jobs to do it looks like I'm going to be kept quite busy over the next few months, painting and designing sets, writing copious amounts of stories and carrying on compiling the background stories to all the paintings. My old studio, the dining room, is going to be converted into an office so I can flit between them both as required, it just needs a few more filing cabinets and a extra desk then all the equipment can be moved and fitted in a purpose built environment freeing up a bedroom and allowing us to turn it back into a useable space that guests can stay in.

It's amazing how much stuff was crammed into one room though that only became apparent as we unloaded stuff. After sorting it all out it seemed logical to organise it according to use so now I have an area for model making and sculpture, one for painting and another for writing and animation which is exactly where I'm sat now writing this.

The easel beckons, looks like I'm in for a long day.

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