Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heart Of The Family

Looking back through the blog I realised I haven't updated you on the latest Impossimals to come out of the studio for a long time so today I'll thought I would show you a new step by step guide to a piece from a few months ago called 'Heart Of The Family' remastered. Remastered refers to the technique to produce the piece as each remastered Impossimal gets its own sculpture beforehand allowing a more accurate portrayal of the Impossimal world.

As you can see above, it all started with a small plasticine model and a red glass heart.

From this I needed to understand what colours I was going to use so I painted several quick colour sketches using oil paint thinned with Liquin on an old board until I was happy with the balance.
From this I then prepared a board using an acrylic base to help the colours warm through, yellow suited the green I was using and also complimented the yellow/brown of the Impossimals stripes. I quickly sketched everything out and placed in the background and shadows roughly.
Next I blocked in the white areas adding in the shading as I went along. To give a sense of depth I painted the heart in fully paying attention to the reflections in the glass, it was to be the centre point so needed to look as perfect as I could manage at this stage. Notice I have added a shadow near the nose on the right Impossimal, it's easier to add it at this stage before I put all the colour in.
Next was a base coat of colour which was allowed to dry overnight then I applied the graduation using a combination of hard and soft brushes.
As these built up over the following days you can notice that the colours start to get an intensity that you cannot achieve straight from the tube. By this time the heart had been given at least six extra coats and the Impossimals trademark stripes were beginning to look more 3D.

"Heart Of The Family"

So here it is, finished. I added the toy on the left at the very end and a final purple glaze over the entire painting gave it a lustre and finish adding to the realism. This piece was sold earlier this year at our appearance in Stratford and I was a little sad to see it go as I am with most of my pieces especially after you have lived with them for so long in their creation.

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