Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tales Of The Unexplained

There are days when the Internet seems to have gone on a bad trip and it's all just a load of connected tubes full of cats. Take today for instance, this was the first photo I saw, I have sooooo many questions already... How? Why? And more Importantly where did you get that fantastic bath hat? It soon slipped into disturbing though when a recommendation on the app store threw this my way.
How could I not be tempted to download this free app? Cat Dance Party, does it get any better than this?
Well, it's not bad but I was hoping for Caturday Night Fever and Flashcat or at least an appearance from John Travoltacat strutting his funky stuff surely things cannot get any more weird, I mean it's not even 9am yet.
Oh my. It's for real! Not sure if the bloke an the front is impressed or he is doing his best cat expression. Anyway whilst we are at it you can try a cat hand. What is a cat hand I hear you say, well it's when you hold your arm at waist level and tilt your wrist, very much like when a cat is ready to bat something. I didn't know about cat handing until it was pointed out to me just how many people do it without realising, true enough I was walking up the stairs the other day and looked down, yes, I too was cat handing. Apparently if you do both hands at the same time is called something completely different. Allegedly.
Mixed in with all this catastrophic paraphernalia was a new supermarket game, this ingenious fellow has decided to add his own categories to the shelves, never mind using spice jars to spell rude words why not go the whole hog...
Wonder how they would handle this at the till?
This one is a little cruel though, can you imagine more cruel reality card sections. Birthday (realistic) "It's your birthday" on the front and waiting inside is "so what. It's just another day in your boring life, get over it" or 60th (realistic) "Congratulations! You're 60!" open it up to reveal "It gets worse and you will smell of wee"
Now this is a new game to get your teeth in to, creative explicit DIY displays, some serious work has gone into this one, I mean who would have thought of this? Whatever next? Wouldn't it be cool if they flashed on and off to music. Don't even tell me what you could do with a shower attachment and two ballcocks. DIY stores will never be the same again, it's already difficult enough asking for screws.

There are some things on the net better left unexplained, this is one of them. You have heard of Willy Wonkas great glass elevator well this goes one better and leaves no stone unturned. Urgh.

I'm off for a lay down and it's still not 9am yet. Damn you internet!

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