Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Forever Together

Finishing a true story that started nine years ago this final piece brings together all the paintings in one piece. Starting in 2004 I decided to follow one individual’s life who at that time was single. In 2005 I released ‘A Fools Moon’, the start of the journey, a single Impossimal on a hill, looking to his future come what may. In 2006 he had found a partner and again this was shown in the painting Always and Forever. 2007 he became engaged in ‘Make a Wish’ in 2009 he had two children shown under the dot-2-dot stars spelling LOVE it what was to be the final piece ‘Forever Family’

I realised I had not finished the story off completely, something was missing, a real ending was needed. So I painted ‘Forever Together’. Sat on a hill looking back at nine years together you can follow their path over the ups and downs of life, one path shared through four other hills representing the four other paintings. The hearts are all the memories over the years they have shared.

The house is placed on the original hill that started it all way back in 2004, instead of it being a desolate place it has now turned into a house, no, not a house, a home, a loving place built on their relationship. Inside is their family, security and warmth, all adding to this beacon of emotion they share. For this is where we should leave their story, it’s reached its natural end and their wishes is in this sentiment, they have reached the stage where they really know what they want for the future. To stay ‘Forever Together.

A time to enjoy and a time to share,
A moment to pause, reflect and declare,
A forever love,
For we are both already there.

And the last piece in the Autumn collection...

The Lovers

An opulent collection of gold, flowers and hearts dancing around two intimately entwined Impossimals, in love, with love, have love. An Impossimal love story.

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