Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Scale Model

"One at a Time Please" another Autumn Impossimal release and one of my favourites to model and paint. Here's what I wrote about this piece.

'I'm sure the damn thing lies, no matter how little of my body touches the scales it always screams out a random set of numbers that looks like I have just asked for the price of a ticket to Peru. From lips to hips it mocks, even it's number eight looks strangely rotund as if it's smirking in some general fashion. I will however beat you Mr Scales, it may take some time but one day I may make you, make me, smile.'

The set though was quite a messy affair, for a start I needed a bath tub and basin, all modelled from plasticine and balsa wood with a little polystyrene thrown in for bulk. The tower draped over the bath is actually kitchen roll and the floor is a simple printed black and white check with a sheet of acetate over it to show the reflections. The blinds are made of a spare bit of fabric weighted down with a cocktail stick whilst the background is all made of corrugated painted cardboard with a plasticine window ledge and balsa wood skirting board. Around five hours work I would guess to get it all modelled, set up and lit so I could take a few photographs and adjust the pose.

The final photograph pretty much resembles the painting apart from an increase in body size for amusement purposes. The beauty of working like this is that you get to endlessly tweak the composition before committing it to paint, last minute adjustments on this included ear angles and the moving of the right foot to give the right amount of balancing effect. Any additions like the hands and numbers on the scale were added using a felt tip pen.


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