Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I often forget that a lot of collectors of the Impossimals don't realise that I also produce sculptures on a semi regular basis. This is a selection from over the last ten years, along with this are Lost Impossimal sculptures, Smithy's World Cup home and away Impossimals and the metal rings from 2007. Quite a collection!

Most sculptures come from paintings but the latest pieces such as the Rub-A-Dub Tub and 99 Problems came directly from sculptures I made to produce the painting in the first place.

They all go through a rigorous design stage that makes sure they all look 'Impossimal' in design, I also use this to hide secrets in them too. The above heart shaped 'All You Need Is Love (left)' contains a hidden shadow image, when the light hits it at the correct angle the shadow created is a ring complete with a heart inside, exactly like the 2007 releas 'The Eternal Gift'

'My First Love' the heart holding Impossimal in the top picture was designed to be held very much like you would hold something precious and fits the curves exactly of your hand and chest close to your heart. 99 Problems on the other hand is made to an exact scale to replicate how big and ice cream felt when you were a child, only now you can relive that again as an adult simply by holding the sculpture.

Strange to look back but quietly comforting too, and for the future? Well let's just say it's gone all...


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