Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sraw Rats

Sorting out a load of old magazines as part of my studio shift unearthed a few surprises that I had completely forgotten about. In 1979 I was in a local model shop when I noticed a special publication, for a whopping £1.50 you could by this sacred tome and learn how to model the famous spaceships you saw on the silver screen exactly as they appeared in the films and indeed real life in some cases. The list of spacecraft spanned many years, from Buck Rogers El Dorado to X-Wings, Tie Fighters and the Enterprise all the way to reality with Saturn V and the Orbiter.

Not only that, it went into detail on how to make everything look as realistic as possible using technical drawings and innovative techniques for the time, things such as adding fibre optics to the Battlestar Galactica Vipers, panel scribing to remove rough edges and add in extra details, in some cases they offer alternative constructions such as converting the starship Enterprise into a tug.

All nerdy I suppose but it was quite interesting to read all the studio notes contained, for example to show you just how nerdy it got, did you know the X-Wing Fighter is 29-foot long with a 25-foot wingspan, quad fuel burning rockes with air intakes... You get the picture.

Then I saw this. The Death Stars planet smashing laser canon and everything made sense. Forget Darth Vader and all that smoke screen, the Death Star was just a cover name, it's real name is Earth. What you are looking at is the Hadron Collider, we ARE the Death Star. Cool.

Set the phasors to kill captin' we have some planets to smash, a galactic princess to save and we all get to wear black and strut around breathing heavily.


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