Thursday, August 09, 2012


After finding a few things the other day it set me off wanting to discover just what else I had tucked away for a rainy day. In the loft is a box I packed many many years ago when I left home, now was the time to open this little time capsule.


Joy! inside was my comic collection, all wrapped up although not in perfect condition. Sat on top was Star Wars Weekly from 1979, quite a comic of its time as over the course of its publication it managed to serialise all the Star Wars films and include some rather obscure adverts such as one in the first issue that proudly boasts 'Now See The Film At Home' what it really advertised was a K6 Silent Max Cine Projector for £19.95 and the chance to own a Black and White Silent 200' spool of approximate 8 minutes showing highlights from the film. Probably required a healthy dose of imagination to recreate that cinema experience but with video thin on the ground this was the best you was going to get.

Now a strange one, a comic edited by a Thargian, namely Tharg, the almighty 2000AD. This became a staple of my week with its incredibly artwork, story lines and of course the ever powerful Judge Dredd, which incidentally didn't appear until the second issue. Wish I had kept my Free Space Spinner though.
Going further back in time bought us to mighty Marvel, this issue from 1973 contained many odd items like a column dedicated to Stan Lee sounding off, adverts to convert you into a real He-Man and an unlikely villain for Daredevil in the guise of the malevolent menace of the Masked Matador which basically involved flicking around an overly large towel and taking a poke at Daredevil with a play sword that breaks on impact with anything harder than cheese. Still, kept me entertained.

The oldest item from this collection has to be the Disneyland Magazine from 1971, as far as I'm aware it was the first ever official UK magazine dedicated to Disney and although mine is a little battered It still stands the test of time with its characters, story telling and of course it's excellent artwork which at this time reflected accurately what the whole Disney experience was all about.

Just need to sort out my Shiver and Shakes, Whoopie, Whizzer and Chips, Cheeky and Mad Magazines, looks like I'm going to be here a long, long time...

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