Sunday, August 05, 2012

Build It

I realised I had never done a celebratory piece for special occasions and as it was a friends wedding coming up I decided to capture their special day the Impossimal way. It started off with this massive sculpture built out of plaster, cardboard, cocktail sticks and plenty of plasticine, it weighed an absolute ton.

But it gave me the desired look and feel that I was after and more importantly it allowed me to get the lighting just right as I also had the idea of gold heart shaped confetti to fall from above and a ray of light cast across from the top right.
So I began with a scaled sketch and painted in the pale background allowing me to show off the cake to its best, a neutral table was added and a few sprinkling of confetti to see how they work.
For the next step I needed to layer the cake making sure everything has its correct tone and colour, white icing for example has to have a grey undertone to make it look realistic. You can see I used photographs to get it to look right, one is turned upside down, this aids your brain to work out accurate lighting, most of my paintings are worked on upside down at some stage.
Once all the layers are in place then I can add in the Impossimals, detail and plenty of confetti, all followed with a week of glazing to get that final sheen to the piece.

Finished! Quite simply its just called 'Celebration' and its an original only but I'm sure it would have made a nice print :)


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